Scrap Tyre Disposal Services

ELT Recycling is passionate about disposing of tyre waste products thoughtfully in order to create sustainable products. We do this through collecting old tyres and scrap tyres that were going to go to waste and using these to form granulated products, create truck tyre casings and produce tyre derived fuel (TDF).

Throwing away tyres without looking into Australian scrap tyre disposal services or booking in a waste tyre pick-up can impact on the environment and waste materials that can be used for other products. Fortunately, recycling your tyres or looking into correct tyre disposal methods can prevent them from sitting in landfill. Piles of tyres are a known fire danger and can release dangerous toxic gases when they’re burnt. They can also present a health risk due to becoming a breeding ground for vermin, mosquitoes and other pests.

At ELT Recycling, we specialise in scrap tyre disposal services and waste tyre collection, where we can collect your tyres and scraps to re-manufacture them into different products that directly benefit the environment.

Arrange Australian Scrap Tyre Disposal Today

At ELT Recycling, we make it our job to help people make better environmental decisions. We do this by assisting in correct scrap tyre disposal methods. If you want to know more about what part you can play, or if you have old tyres we can collect, contact us today. To organise a collection, call 1300 358 732. For all other enquiries, call (03) 9462 0288 or email