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    ELT Recycling processes scrap tyres into a range of rubber materials for use by recyclers, manufacturers of recycled products and end-users, locally and globally.

combustion properties of rubber in industrial manufacturing operations. ELT Recycling only supplies TDF material to users with the appropriate emission-control technologies and relevant government issued environmental protection permits

Granulation Products

ELT Recycling’s granulation production line produces rubber crumb and granulated rubber for a vast range of product applications, from playground surfaces to asphalt roads.

Our strict quality control regime and technical controls ensures customer orders are produced to their required specifications, with quality guarantee as added assurance.

(Rubber crumb and granulated product sizes)

Tyre Derived Fuel

Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) is a major use for waste tyres, reducing the need for fossil fuels such as oil and coal in heavy industrial operations. As with other fuel types, TDF users are required to have sophisticated technologies for environmental emissions control.

ELT Recycling only supplies TDF end-users who have relevant and current government issued environmental permits for this purpose.

Truck Casings

ELT Recycling is the exclusive supplier of truck casings to China’s only tyre manufacturer with a government licence to import scrap tyres.

The truck casings supplied by ELT Recycling are re-tread to extend the productive use of the original truck tyre.