Tyre Crumb In Australia

ELT Recycling is a recognised, approved and experienced tyre recycling company that utilises environmentally sustainable methods to create new products. As leading shredded tyres suppliers, we can use old tyres to produce granulated products.

We’re passionate about recycling old tyres and creating new products out of them. With a reputation for being among the best granulated rubber suppliers, we’re dedicated to utilising environmentally sustainable methods.

ELT Recycling’s granulation production line produces granulated rubber and tyre crumb in Australia for a wide range of product applications. Granulation can be helpful in uses such as playground and sporting surfaces, as well as for asphalt roads.

Rubber crumb is essentially produced by reducing the tyres in size through grinding and processing. This method helps to produce finer fibre particles that can later be used in a number of surfaces.

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If you want to jump on board with old tyre disposal and recycling with the leading rubber crumb suppliers in Australia, ELT Recycling is more than happy to guide you through the process. We can also arrange a collection for your scrap tyres. To arrange a waste tyre pick-up, please phone us on 1300 358 732. For any other enquiries, call us on (03) 9462 0288 or send an email to info@eltaustralia.com.au.