• Community

ELT Recycling places high importance on its being a good corporate citizen and having a culture of ethical behaviour, honesty and integrity in all our dealings, and making a positive contribution to the community.

This is reflected in our:

  • employees attitude and behaviour
  • relationships with other organisations
  • compliance and promotion of environmental standards
  • contribution to Australia’s technical knowledge base and engineering resources.

Our People

We foster a collegiate team environment with our people and encourage them to take advantage of opportunities the company provides to improve their skills and abilities and advance their opportunities in life.

We are rigorous in ensuring we provide a safe workplace for our people and continually reinforce safe work practices and behaviour.

We also expect our people will show courtesy and respect to their work colleagues and others they deal with in the community.

Our Business Relationships

We promote transparency in our business relationships as we believe this leads to more productive and harmonious business outcomes, which we consider to be a competitive advantage.

We strive to be fair and respectful in our dealings and quick to respond to issues or complaints. We welcome feedback and advice whenever we are found to be otherwise.

Our Environmental Standards

Our compliance to industry and regulatory standards is recognised by our accreditation through the Tyre Stewardship Scheme.

However that is only the starting point of our environmental efforts.

We’re continually striving to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations, from improving the efficiency of our truck fleet to reducing the power requirement of our machinery.

We also work toward more applications for recycled rubber, both in Australia and overseas markets, and look to the development of new technologies from our strategic partners to increase recycling opportunities and reduce the need for landfill.

Our Development of Knowledge

ELT Recycling is developing strategic relationships with educational and research organisations to fund projects that can improve productivity and increase resource recovery from recycling processes.

ELT Recycling is leveraging its overseas partnerships to increase the local knowledge base and focus additional resources on the development of new products and applications for waste rubber.